July 1, 2015

Tell All Tuesday!!!! (Even though today is WEDNESDAY!)

So this only my second blog post and I was so proud of myself for doing the Tell All Tuesday, until I forgot that today was WEDNESDAY and not TUESDAY!  However, since I spent so much time on it and was so happy for myself I decided to still share it any away!

So Today I am linking up with Teach, Talk, Inspire and My Day in K for their Tell All Tuesday, even though today is WEDNESDAY!

My teacher bucket list is full of my main 3 goals that I wish to accomplish within the next 2 years!

 1. The first item on my teacher bucket list is that I would like to go back to school to earn my Doctorate degree! I recently completed my EDS in Administration and Supervision this past May and that has inspired me to go a little further to earn my Doctorate degree.

2. The next item on my bucket list is that I would like to go into administration. Since I just completed my degree in Administration and Supervision, that has now allowed me to become eligible to become an administrator in my state. I have had the opportunity to work under some AWESOME administrators and I hope to be just as awesome as them one day.

3. The last item on my bucket list is that I would love to have the opportunity to present at a conference. I have learned so much in my years of teaching and currently coaching that I want to continue to inspire and help others improve their teaching craft!

Thanks for reading my bucket list!!!!!

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