March 20, 2016

Teachers Take FRENCHLICK!!!

Last weekend I attended an amazing Frenchlick Teacher Blogger Retreat in Frenchlick, Indiana. It was truly a blast! It was a much well needed retreat to reenergize and keep me focused and on track with some of my goals. The school year has flown by in a whirlwind and this retreat has allowed me to reset some of my priorities.
The trip started out on Friday after work and my road mates were Allie  (Classroom Action with Ms.Jackson), Latoya (Flying into First Grade) and Angela (The Daily Alphabet). We arrived at about 11:30pm and checked in and went out to explore the resort!

On Saturday was the big meet up day. First, we did a fun icebreaker activity that spelled out the theme for the weekend “Take Your Passion and Make it Happen”. Next, we did a fun teacher tool swap activity. We were broken into clusters by grade level/specialty and passed our bags around until the music stopped. We then each opened up the gift and the person who gave it to you explained their gift. I received some materials to make a cool probability station. My gift to the other person was a mini glue gun, a battery operated pencil sharpener, baskets, poster markers and sharpies.

The next activity was one of my favorite activities and that was the roundtable discussions. I learned a ton on ideas on how to increase my followers, branding myself, TpT ideas and utilizing Pinterest.  After that it was time for all the goodies and giveaways! I won a very cute 30.00 store credit to Twinkle Twinkle Lil Jar. Next we received our t-shirts and swag bag full of goodies.

That night we ended with an epic 80’s party. There was fun, food, games and even a surprise flash mob dance. The photo booth was a nice touch as well. The next morning (early next morning, because of Daylight Savings Time) we met for a farewell group pic with our t-shirts on and had breakfast at the resort’s famous breakfast buffet.

We then bid our farewells and headed back to our respective homes. Overall I had a blast connecting faces with names and getting to know more teacher blogger friends. I can’t wait for next year! Check out some of the pics that I took from this weekend!

Ready for the retreat to begin!

Our theme for the weekend!

I won a 30.00 credit to this vendor Twink Twinkle Lil Jar! Can't wait to use it!

Ready for the 80's party!

Some of me and my new blogger friends!

What can I say I'm an 80's baby!!!!

What an EPIC 80s party this was!

Our last group pic of the Retreat!

Saying our Goodbyes! Until next time Frenchlick!

March 15, 2016

St. Patrick's Day Writing Tasks FREEBIE

St. Patrick’s Day is just days away and I have created a FREEBIE to help celebrate! The FREEBIE consist of 2 writing tasks for grades 2-4 about some of the myths of St. Patrick’s Day. The first task students are asked to write about their lucky day if they were to find a 4-leaf clover. The second task asks students to write about what would they do if they found a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. These writing tasks are great resources to get your students ready for St. Patrick’s Day. Check out a preview below….. To download the full product click on the link in my store. Be sure to leave feedback! More great products coming soon!